Slave Lake Champions Health & Fitness

Our vision is to provide a personalized health and fitness experience that helps members live the lives they desire.

SL Champions will be utilizing all new Precor equipment and redefining standards with the most innovative line of cardio Equipment in the market today.
Members will be introduced to Preva Networked Fitness, a training software that will recognize each member and personalize the equipment to your training program, save the history to the cloud, and provide access with your smart phone or tablet.
SL Champions cardio equipment utilizes Touch Personal Viewing Screens that allows the user to watch TV, surf the web, or browse their workout history.
For those who are new to strength exercise equipment, don't be alarmed. All of our equipment have quick scan codes that will direct any smart device to the manufacturer's instructional tutorial videos to learn how to get the most out of the equipment, what muscle you're training and how to use it correctly.
You keep workout logs of your reps and sets, no problem. Scan the code and fill in the reps, repeat for the next set... All on your smart device.

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